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Would you love to have a DEAwaking Workshop/Retreat near you?

Events a la Carte

What would you like to create?

Whether you would like to create an event based on my work or add the possibilities of what I do to your multi-disciplinary event, I would be happy to go over the possibilities with you.

A full range of workshops and retreats are possible, depending on what you want your participants to experience and receive and how interested they are in taking an active role in creating their own healing.


1) Experiential healing with DEA, 1-3 days
2) Active learning with Resosense PPS, 2-3 days

3) RESOFUSION Program: DEA + Resosense PPS, 3-5 days

4) For longer, even more complete programs, we can add other modalities as well, breathwork, energetic focused movement, body awareness movement and more.

Here is a sample schedule from a recent RESOFUSION retreat in Portugal.

<<Retreat Schedule>>

DEA could be a vibrant addition to your large group wellness / wholistic / consciousness / healing event.

I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with the participants of the Harvest Series hosted in Turkey in May of 2022 and 2023.  Having 6 sessions of DEA, with 24 people each, allowed nearly half the participants of this powerful event to experience the possibilities of DEA, many with life changing experiences.

Solo Workshops/Retreats:

Options include:

Multidisciplinary events:


Let's create an event...

Martin Boneo 31, Palma de Mallorca, Spain


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