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Deep Energetic

David Biddle, D.C., doctor of chiropractic, author, and founder of Resosense, has a unique gift that he shares with the world. He first encountered the energetic aspect of healing and the body's ability to become more self-aware through N.S.A. (Dr. Donald Epstein) in 1997, without any idea of what that would be waking up - inside of him.

Since then he has been developing his innate ability to work with energy to facilitate healing and life transformation. His primary focus has been on how to best activate your body's innate ability to heal, by awakening your awareness of your physical and energetic resources and assisting in developing your own strategies for change and release.

How it works:
Our bodies can be full of tension and distortions as a result of unresolved life events, often from things we don't even remember. This can initiate a state of disconnection from our being that results in defense patterns that can create pain, stress, emotional distress, dis-ease and limitation.

Working with groups of 12-24 people, we can

harness the collective consciousness for a much deeper experience. While one-third of the group is receiving on the tables, the others are seated around them, "holding the space" with their presence. The combination allows you to reach places and create change that you would not be able to, alone.

I begin the DEA process by opening the space and connecting myself and the group into the general energy field. As I work, I allow myself to be directed by what the person before me requires. Then my hands and body start to work. What happens most often are light contacts to your physical and energetic bodies that create the space for you to become more aware of your own physical and energetic resources. This allows you to awaken to your innate strategies for healing that can manifest in many ways.


The strategies may be external in the form of breath changes, small and large movements, stretching or emotional release. The strategies may also be completely internal, while nothing visible is happening on the outside, huge changes and restructuring can be happening on the inside.  The process begins on the tables but can continue its magic for hours and days afterward.

All of this assists you in the release of unresolved life events, the effects of which have been stored in your body and energy fields. While the results are different for each person many people find themselves in a new space with new perspectives on life and relief from chronic symptoms.

DEA requires no words, just active allowance of the body and its process, as the work unfolds. 

Allow yourself to create the change that you so deserve in your body and in your life.

A gentle personal movement practice for deep change.

Starting back in 2006 David first recognized the existence of specific frequencies of wave movement or oscillation in the body. After a moment of epiphany, he realized that what he had found was actually the fundamental frequency of the human body. Using that knowledge he developed the system that is now Resosense.


Resosense is a personal practice in which you use your own muscles to generate the standing waves of resonance in your body.

The gentle movement in specific frequencies is simple and the effects move through all the body systems, physical and energetic. 


Regular Resosense practice restores you and your body closer to their original unadulterated state, before the life events that impacted your being had a chance to leave their mark.

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The basic practice of Resosense is a course taught in two workshops using various modalities of learning that make it easy for everyone to master.

The format is most often in two days over a weekend, but can be adapted to different programs and venues.

There also exist professional trainings for those therapists interested in sharing Resosense with their clients or becoming a Workshop Leader to teach the workshops.

More information, visit

Also by David Biddle, D.C.

Resosense - Your body and your life, as they were meant to be.

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